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What is Angelic Guidance?

It is spiritual support & guidance for any transition you may be going through….  

Such as looking for a new career, relationship, home, job, a move or general guidance to get through every day life.

I use my social work skills, intuition and guidance from my angels (and yours) to help you to reach your goals that will ultimately provide peace in your heart.

I will be using ‘Healing with the Angels’ Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. My readings are all positive and in the end you will have a plan for a situation that is heaviest on your heart.

Prior to your session, I will use tuning forks to welcome the angels to be present and I will ask for their protection of love and light. Also, I have Angelite crystals to help with added communication along with some aroma therapy with a diffuser for relaxation.

$20 for 15 minutes

$40 for 45 minutes

$50 for 60 minutes

Phone: I will text you a picture of your cards and payment is credit card only.

Office: 10999 Reed Hartman Hwy #309, Blue Ash, Oh 45242

Home Party: I will come to your home for a group of 5 or more.

Public: Mio Vino Winery 7908 Blue Ash Rd, Deer Park Oh 45236

Hurry, Your Angels are waiting to give you a message of love!

Contact me below and request a specific day and time:

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