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What is Angelic Guidance?

It is spiritual support & guidance with any transition you may be going through….  

Such as looking for a new career, relationship, home, job or support getting through a divorce or guidance to get through every day life.

I use my social work skills, intuition and guidance from my angels to help you to reach your goals that will ultimately provide you with peace in your heart.

Each session is 45 minutes and includes a reading with ‘Healing with the Angels’ Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. My readings are all positive and in the end you will have a plan for a solution to a situation that is heaviest on your heart.

Prior to your session, I will use tuning forks to welcome the angels to be present, ask for their protection of love and light and to use me as an instrument for their messages.

My rate is $50 per hour


Invest in yourself and see how this can change your life.

I'm happy to do a free consultation over the phone to talk about details

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