Would you like to jump start your communication with your angels?

Here is a unique opportunity to take advantage of an express version of my Angels 101 Program.

I offer a two hour session to teach you about your Angels. 

You will learn:

   1.  The Four different types of communication with your angels

    2.  The 4 major archangels and which one to call upon in your time of need

    3.  How to recognize signs & symbols from your angels & true angel stories

    4.  How to use Angel Numerology in your every day life

    5.  How to do an Angel Card reading **plus your own mini reading from me**

You will receive materials, tools, examples and resources to continue on your journey.

Private Session:  $60 for two hours

Group Rate:  $25 per person

Class materials only/30 page E-book:  $13

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Contact me below & indicate your option of learning:

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