Do you want to learn how to communicate with your Angels?

Would you like to have more meaning and purpose in your life?

If so, let me help you design and transition into the life you were meant to live.

Hi!  I’m Maureen Hollmeyer, a licensed social worker.  Over the last 15yrs, I've worked with abused and neglected children & their families, the homeless, at risk teenagers, the mentally ill and the elderly.

Although I've helped many people and they have touched my life, I have been suppressing my own spiritual beliefs.  As a social worker, our 'code of ethics' doesn't allow us to bring our own opinions or belief systems into the equation while helping others. 

This has made me become very private about my belief in angels.

Well, not anymore!

Ironically, I was a co-author of a book where we wrote about a 'Life shift' that consisted of a pivotal moment in time that has changed us forever I wrote about how at the age of 19 my guardian angel saved my life while white water rafting.

Writing about this experience, made me realize I wish I had a better understanding of my angels at an earlier age.

It took me many years to realize how communicating with your angels can change your life!

That is why I want to teach you - and give you a jump start on how to embrace your angles!  

As a life coach, I am able to express my spirituality and help you recognize your divine guidance.

I have gained a lot of knowledge over the last twenty years through reading Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer's books.  Also I was mentored by very gifted people.  This mentorship was a key component that allowed me to get confirmation when I was in doubt that my angels were REAL!

All you need to do is ask your angels for help! (5).png

Your Angels want to know you better.

Building and nurturing a new a relationship takes time. That's why I recommend at least four sessions. 

Each session will include a mini angel card reading along with goals and steps to design your new destiny. I will also provide you with reading materials and techniques to recognize the signs and symbols of your angels.

The ultimate outcome is to help you find your truth so you can start to live your life's purpose.

Your Angels want you to succeed and be happy! 

Once you learn this spiritual communication it will change your life forever and push you into new directions you never could have imagined.

Let's get started - your angels are waiting to communicate with you!

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